Mir Sufi Yoga Association

MS Association 1.1

The Mir Sufi Yoga Association is a governing body which oversees all Mir Sufi Yoga activities. It is comprised of the Pir and some selected Registered Teachers as an advisory body to the Pir. The main objective of the Association is to preserve the integrity of the Mir Sufi Yoga system while making it available to all.

The Association also sets guidelines and codes of practice and monitors the effectiveness of all Registered Teachers. Membership is renewed and re-evaluated annually in order to ensure standards are sustained by Registered Teachers.

The Association also provides ongoing support in providing workshops, seminars, conferences, publications and open days. Scholarships are awarded by the Association to those who demonstrate exceptional potential, but lack finance.

The Mir Sufi Yoga Association is part of The Mir Sufi Centre, which is a registered charity in the UK. (Charity number 1106275)

Associate Membership is open to anyone who would like to support Mir Sufi Yoga.

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